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How Global

Hands On the World Global (“HOW Global”) is a not for profit organization whose mission is to educate and implement sustainable healthy life practices to the under-served communities of the world. HOW Global partnered with the United Nations to assist with taking action to achieve the UN’s Millennium Goals that promise to “cut poverty in half by 2015.”
The HOW Global mission is:
“Motivating self sufficiency rather than dependency.”
HOW Global has partnered with municipalities, corporations, local governments, other nonprofit organizations and schools to create a sustainable Green Hub strategy. The strategy is to use schools, orphanages and clinics as information centers that serve as the base to install clean water access, teach safe water practices and promote food security (through gardening education).

HOW Global also distributes and provides education on other clean water aids such as the LifeStraw
(a tubular instrument that filters water).

The organization works with engineers, local water companies and agricultural professionals to ensure that they are providing the best water solutions to the village communities.

HOW Global communities thrived over the last six years, providing running water and working gardens to thousands of impoverished individuals and orphans. The concept is spreading to different countries within Africa and around the world.

How can you help?
BONMi has committed 20% of every bottle of water sold to be donated to HOW Global – so drink up and take one back for a friend! Your purchase of water is saving a life.