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Why we did it

Do Good.

Why did we create BONMi? Simple.

We love to eat. We love to travel. We love to share. Life is about great bites.
We are always looking for new food experiences. So when we travel, we search out the local cuisine. We love
to experience how the locals eat, especially the street foods that represents so much of their culture.

While traveling through Vietnam we came upon a local specialty, the Bánh mì sandwich. This was a wonderful
eating experience with contrasting textures, flavors and temperatures. Boldly flavored proteins balanced by pickled
carrot and daikon, with crisp texture and sweet acidity on a crisp rice and wheat flour baguette. The combination
produced a perfect sandwich with each bite better then the last.

We knew this sandwich had a story to tell. The Bánh mì sandwich stems from the French countryside “salad
sandwich” which consists of lettuces, tomatoes, and other vegetables served on a baguette. The sandwich is a
product of French colonialism in Indochina, combining ingredients from the French (baguettes, various proteins,
and mayonnaise) with native Vietnamese ingredients like cilantro, hot peppers, and fish sauce.

Upon our return home, we searched for similar options. We realized these sandwiches were offered in obscure
locations, perhaps where the general public did not have easy access to this unique sandwich. We wanted to
elevate awareness of this amazing eating experience and create a casual fun environment for our guest.